Accumulation Planning

See how far a little can go


Accumulation planning is not a common term that comes to mind when thinking about building for your future.  It is, however, an excellent source for a steady stream of investment.  As an investor, you set up an arrangement with one of our financial advisors to make periodical contributions to your plan.  These contributions are typically done on a monthly at a set dollar amount.

An accumulation plan is a perfect way for small investors who don’t have much money to invest up front to build their savings portfolio.  Frequent investments over a long period of time allow for the investor to start saving early for things like retirement, a child’s college education, or a special event such as a wedding.

Our advisors at the Jensen Insurance Agency are knowledgeable in accumulation planning and prepared to guide investors through the various options available in accumulation planning.  We look forward to helping you create the accumulation plan best suited for your individual needs.  Call us at (248) 546-9400 or complete our Contact form to learn more about our accumulation planning services.

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